Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Here are some pictures from Philadelphia's past compared to pictures the same location from today.
The majority of the pictures are of Girard Ave., from as far east as Shackamaxon and Girard to as far west as the intersection of 48th, Lancaster Ave, and Girard.  The last two pictures are of my elementary school and the alleyway in back of my grandmother's house.  All of the old photographs were from the site www.phillyhistory.org.
The locations from top to bottom, and the year the old phorographs were taken are:  1) E. Girard Ave. and Shackamaxon St., 1901, 2) W. Girard and N. Front, 1923, 3) W. Girard and N. 2nd St., 1926, 4) W. Girard and N. Orianna St., 1936., 5) W. Girard and N. Franklin St., 1931, 6) W. Girard and N 9th St., 1912, 7) W. Girard and N. Broad St., 1925, 8) W. Girard, N. 48th, and Lancaster Ave., 1950, 9) Lansdowne Ave. and Atwood Rd., 1924, 10)Lansdowne Ave. and N. 66th St., 1967

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