Sunday, March 21, 2010

10 Best, more like Favorite picturs from my Bus 23 project

The 10 images in this blog post are my best/favorite from a project I participated in that documented Septa's Bus 23 and the neighborhoods it cuts through on its daily route.  Hopefully you like them too!

Leaning against the Wistar Mansion is a sign denoting a "Milestone in Philadelphia's Progress."  If this is progress than I would hate to see what failure is.  Anyway that is why I like this image it is fairly ironic and it makes me laugh, hahahaha.

This image was me trying to be artistic, I do not know if it works but I like the image and for now that is all that matters.  Who knows maybe it is a terrible shot but like I said I like it.

I chose this image because sitting in one of the most historically significant parks in the neighborhood lies empty beer cans and overflowing trash cans which illustrates what this neighborhood has turned into. 

This image was takne in the backyard of the Germantown Historical Society and I like it because of the mix of old and new.  The antique firetruck sitting next to the building's central air conditioning unit strikes me as a nice juxtaposition.

This key hanging from the shutters in back of the Germantown Historical Society seems to be completely worn down and I wonder if it still works.  I like this image because of that and the fact that I threw out the background which gives the image a feel of what does this key allow access too.  Who knows maybe it works maybe it does not but either way I like this image for its simplicity and potential symbolism.

Germantown is filled with history and this history sits in a neighborhood that has turned into a much more urban setting than when this history was made.  Because of this urban setting a lot of these sites sit behind iron gates and bars, access to the sites is a lot of times based on making an appointment and you can not wander in off the streets for a quick look.  This image of Grumblethorpe is an example of the history that is safeguarded by iron gates and bars.

I chose this image because I feel it is one of my better composed images.  I wanted to capture the entire tree and the German Menonite Meeting House as well as the surrounding cemetery.  This image achieves that and is, in my opinion visually appealing.

I have a thing for Flags, the American flag in particular.  First of all it is all about catching the flag when the wind has it fully displayed.  With this image I got lucky, there are at least 10 others where the flag is not fully visible due to the wind and this image I "got lucky".  Also this is a flag depicting the original 13 colonies and it related to my project perfectly because it dealt with Germantown's role in the Revolutionary War when there were only the original13 colonies.

I like this image because of the perspective.  The deer statue seems to be gazing at the house and that was what I was trying to achieve when I took this shot.  A lot of times I have an idea of what I am trying to capture when taking a picture and it does not always work out.  This image is what I had in mind and I think it is effective.

I think this is my best and my favorite image from this project for a few reasons.  I love the mural arts program in Philly and this is is a great example of this program.  I like this image because of the chain sort of blocking the path to civil rights as well as the weather beaten Exit Only sign.  For me it gives the image meaning in so far as there were a lot of obstacles towards achieving civil rights and also that there is still a lot of work to be done on that front.