Friday, March 19, 2010

Messing Around on Spring Break with lighting and long exposures

My friend Ryan McLoughlin wanted pictures taken of some of the frames and wood sculptures he has designed over the years for a potential job.  His client wanted to see some of his work so he asked me to take some pictures for him so he could show the client.  We started off trying to use various lamps and other light in the room but decided that the best results occurred under very low light with the use of a tripod and long exposure times.  Other than that the rest of my spring break photography endeavors focused on my subject for my final book project in Dr. Trayes Seminar class.
This image turned out fairly well under the harsh light of the room even though a lot of other images taken under this light had weird green highlights, I think the reason for this is that the top of the frame was actually not as heavily hit by the light of the room as were the lower edges of the frame.
Weird green highlights caused by the lighting being used did not show this frame in the best light ( lame pun intended).  I resorted to using practically no light and long exposures to cut down on this effect.
Low light, tripod, and long exposure time cut down the weird colors that were present in earlier attempts at making this image, previously the light in the room cast a strange greenish tone around the edges of the frame and did not capture the frame the way the "client" intended.
This is an image of the I guess you can call it the seams of this frames edges,  this photo was taken with very low light and a tripod, it is a marked improvement from previous images taken with lamp light available in the room.

I was trying to photograph this piece to show as much detail as possible without a lot of glare, the first few attempts I moved around various lighting in the room to try and reduce glare but eventually got rid of all the light and used a tripod and long exposures to get rid of the glare.
This image taken with low light and long exposure time does not have the reflections of the same subject under lamp light and shows a lot more detail as well.
Nothing crazy just a container my friend Ryan made shot in very low light, I think the exposure time was somewhere around 4 seconds.  I used my tripod and tried to show some of the detail of the piece, previous images with stronger light and quicker exposure times picked up to many reflections of light, even this image has a reflection of whatever sliver of light was in the room although it turned out much better than the images taken with harsher light
I like this shot because of the shadow, I feel the image is interesting, again, and maybe I am too hard on myself but although not the best image I have ever seen I do like the feel of the image and the fact that it is a little something different than what the official intention of this photo shoot was.
While trying to figure out the best way to photograph these frames that Ryan had made I also tried to find interesting angles to photograph as well.  This was all happening so fast that I really did not get the chance to compose this exactly the way I would have wanted, there is to much empty space on the left side of the frame but I like the idea of this.  Looking at Ryan hang a frame he made through another frame he made.  I think it was a nice idea that could have been executed better.

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